4 Delicious and Healthy Fall Recipes by Jeanette Bronée


We recently featured a home in Bovina, NY designed by Kimberly Peck, AIA, and Jeanette Bronée, founder of the Path for Life Self-Nourishment program and former designer. The kitchen of the home seemed particularly enticing, so we asked Jeanette for some of her best fall recipes. In her own words, Jeanette has shared with us four […]

The 10 Most Luxurious Hot Tubs and Baths on Earth

luxury hot tub feature img

We’ve come a long way since Roy and Candido Jacuzzi pioneered the very first whirlpool tub, called The Roman, in 1968. Here are ten examples of just how far we’ve come, ranging from high luxuries to over $1.5M rarities. To start, let’s get a baseline for what a hot tub is and should be in most cases, […]

2014 New York Architecture & Design Film Festival


Mention “Tribeca” and “film festival” and most people will assume you’re talking about the Tribeca Film Festival, which was launched by Robert De Niro and became a downtown staple, but this autumn, a different type of film event will be making waves in lower Manhattan: the Architecture & Design Film Festival. In 2009, the festival […]

The Ultimate Fireplace Facelifts

Fireplace Interior Design featured img

Fireplaces, in one form or another, have been around since man discovered fire. For centuries, they were a necessity in the home – a source of warmth and food in the pre-electric era, a source of light on a dark winter night. As we developed into a more techno-centered world, the fireplace lost its prominence in the home, but […]

Lakefront Luxury in Wayne, NJ

Wayne Luxury Real Estate Featured img

1997 CLASSIC MODERN WAYNE, NJ Morristown-based NK Architects, students of the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture, collaborated with homeowners to build the “Wright” home in Wayne. When the homeowners purchased a 1950s ranch home on the shores of Pines Lake in 1997, they planned to raze the home and build a new one that […]

Aspireside Chat: Luxury Cars for the High-End Realtor


Whether you’re selling your house or shopping for a new one, chances are you will be riding shotgun with your real estate agent. To that point, agents agree that their cars are an important part of their image, ranking right up there with their clothing. But trying to balance that image with practicalities like legroom and […]

Architect Jimmy Crisp Remedies Low Ceiling in Restored Farmhouse


Stop banging your head against the ceiling- Architect Jimmy Crisp raises the roof and uncovers a bit of history in the process.  The architect’s table above speaks volumes about the design challenge and the head-banging peril inherent in the low ceilings of old buildings. “Here in the kitchen, the ceilings were barely above the trim of […]

Judy King’s Bauhan: Updated With Modern Design and Rustic Details


Judy King’s project started with a yen for a bigger kitchen and an open family space in her elegant house designed by famed architect Rolf W. Bauhan. A graduate from Princeton University 100 years ago, Bauhan made homes and buildings, mostly Colonial Revival style, that changed the landscape of Princeton from 1920 to 1966, lending […]

Netherlands Hotel Modez Features 30 Designers Over 20 Rooms


In the illustrious Fashion Quarter of Arnhem in the Netherlands, you will find a uniquely decorated hotel. 30 Arnhem fashion designers and artists were invited to design one of the hotel’s 20 rooms. The designers and artists chosen are predominantly from the fashion industry, and therefore most of the rooms feature creatively-used textiles to modify […]

Not Your Dad’s Garage: Architect Jimmy Crisp Creates Stylish Spaces


No more Garage Band- An elegant solution for changing building codes, Architect Jimmy Crisp transforms attached garages into stylish living spaces. “We’re doing more and more garage conversions like this,” says Crisp. “The reason is that, quite frequently, the garage is taking up the best real estate on the lot. It usually has easy access […]