Serene and Charming Design From Ruth Richards Interiors


This Summit home is quietly inspiring, with a stylish design that allows room for calm and contemplation. Two coats of the right paint are worth a thousand coats of the wrong ones,  and the soothing hues in this New Jersey home – creams, sands and misty pale grays – are the perfect serene backdrop for […]

Nordic Nourishment: Delicious Summer Dishes


Summertime in Scandinavia is just the best. As soon as the season begins, Scandinavians spend as much time outside as possible. The parks are full of people hanging out in the grass, going to the beaches for walks, sunbathing when it is warm enough, swimming and of course… eating. A Scandi will be the first […]

City Samba: South-American Inspired Design by Glenn Gissler


South America meets North America: You can take the people out of São Paulo, but you can’t take São Paulo out of the people. This couple engaged designer Glenn Gissler to adapt their NYC pied-à-terre with a warmth and energy that speaks to their proud Brazilian roots. Facing south from the 25th floor, the apartment is […]

Egyptian Design Still Inspires Awe, Even 3,300 Years Later


Egyptian artists, artisans, architects and astrologers reached heights of sophistication and mastery that deemed Egypt one of the greatest ancient civilizations. Their construction of the pyramids, understanding of planetary movements and interior decoration are still marveled at by the modern world; it’s no wonder that Egypt is on everyone’s must-see list. Today, after the revolution, […]

A Lakeside Oasis of Green on Green(e)


Landscape designers Catharine Cooke and Ian Gribble achieve a splendid oasis of green on Green(e) and make it appear deceptively simple.  How ironic that what often comes as an afterthought in the making of a happy and healthy home can actually be the most important element of all, the pivot around which all else turns. […]

Expert Ease: Short Hills Marble & Tile


With nine years in the tile industry, Adrienne Gallmann, showroom manager at Short Hills Marble & Tile in Short Hills, NJ, truly loves her job. Gallmann’s enthusiasm was apparent when we sat down with her to chat about her favorite subject. How did you come to be in the tile industry? I never thought I’d […]

Expert Ease: Padula Builders


When Lou Padula founded Padula Builders, Inc. in 1987, it was only him and an assistant working on small renovation projects. Over the years, the reputation of Padula Builders as one of the best luxury contractors on the Jersey Shore has grown, along with the company and the size of its endeavors! The company specializes […]

Interior Designer Robert Passal Creates Layers Of Luxury


A background in antiques led designer Robert Passal to a career in which he creates rich interiors that incorporate past and present, resulting in something completely new. His signature is one of an evolution, from which he designs new spaces that read as though they have been collected over time, an assemblage of passions, travels […]

Patti Carpenter Brings Artisanal Weavings to a Broader Audience


From regions rich with picturesque mountain ranges, unencumbered nature and generations of craft, Patti Carpenter works to keep the cultural heritage of village life alive by connecting artisans with the global design community. Carpenter crossed into the home arena from the world of fashion, and that fashion-conscious influence can be seen at every turn in […]

Interior Design Projects With An International Accent


When an interior designer is called upon to create a space that evokes a particular culture, the reasons are more varied than you might suppose. It could be the client’s desire to honor their family heritage. It could be a wish to respect the integrity of the geographical location. It could be to conjure up […]