Italy to Auction “Island of Madness” with Luxury Potential

Haunted Poveglia Island

Recently, the Italian government has announced that it will be auctioning at least 148 properties in hopes of resolving its national debt. Among these properties is the supposedly haunted Poveglia Island, that has been called “the island of madness” and likened to Hell. Poveglia Island’s Dark History Poveglia Island has been around for many centuries, dating as far […]

$1.2M Worth of 6 Amazing High-Tech Beds

floating bed

Everything is hi-tech – from our phones to our books (e-readers). Even our toilets are hi-tech now. Since we spend at least one-third of our lives sleeping, why not make our beds hi-tech too? Take a look at some of today’s most hi-tech beds, which feature bed personalization, Internet connection, sound systems and sleep optimization technology. 1. Sleep Number x12 […]

Alternate Spaces – Floating House vs. Fall House

The Fall House California

What if you could choose pick just one… Oregon Floating House This floating house, designed by Robert Harvey Oshatz Architect, sits on the Willamette River in Portland, OR. The homeowners desired a natural design with soft-flowy lines, one that fit the environment around them. So, Oshatz created this curvaceous, wooden floating home that mimics the water’s […]

[PHOTOS] Extremely Whimsical Barn Conversion


Nestled among the rolling wooded hills of the Roxiticus valley, an elegant L-shaped barn emerges from the trees off Roxiticus Road. Built in 1888 as a functional barn, this customized and re-vamped building has been around for much of the Ralston Historic District’s distinguished history. Roxiticus road is also classified as a “scenic roadway”, so […]

Inspiring Interior Designer Stephanie Tamayo

inspiring interior design and designers featured img

Before moving to New York City and starting my own interior design business, I had the pleasure of working beside Marisa Lafiosca of ML Interior Design. The opportunity to assist an interior designer with such timeless and elegant style helped to shape the designer I am today. Our last project together was a beautifully renovated […]

Cargo Containers- Building Blocks of Modular Architecture


Architects have toyed with the idea of modular housing for decades. Frank Lloyd Wright dreamed of transforming ugly concrete blocks into a beautiful and cheap material for modular homes, and Buckminster Fuller experimented with the factory-made kits of the Dymaxion House, which was designed to be easily assembled  in any climate or terrain.  A perfect […]

3D Optical Illusions as Furniture

Optical Illusion Furniture

When it comes to optical illusions, things are never exactly what they appear to  be. They make us look twice and hard; they intrigue us; sometimes, they never make sense to us. When thinking of optical illusions, something like the picture to the right probably comes to mind. However, these 2D optical illusions have been transferred […]

“Golden Grilled Cheese” Worth Every Penny of Its $100 Price


When most people think of grilled cheese, they associate it with comfort food, childhood, simplicity, and Campbell’s tomato soup. A grilled cheese is the opposite of the elite tastes of gourmands, to whom processed cheese and gummy white bread would be a culinary crime. But somehow these two staple ingredients, along with that essential constant, […]

Historic Pierre Hotel’s Triplex Penthouse Available for $95M


Home prices are constantly and exponentially rising in New York City, especially Manhattan. One gets less “bang for their buck”- or more specifically, less square foot per dollar. One penthouse, however, has always been at the top of the list of expensive New York real estate, and will most likely remain there, with a $95 […]

Victorian Naval Fort Turned Private Luxury Destination


When traveling the world, looking to explore historic landmarks and classic sights, your accommodations often serve as a means to an end- a home base for the real experience of seeing the sights.  Depending on your locale (and your priorities), the field of options may be large in quantity (hostels, bed and breakfasts, roadside inns, […]