WhyQuarry Spain


For eons, the internal seismic foundries of the earth have been churning, melting and squeezing stone into materials that, when quarried, have found their ways into homes everywhere. However, this process can take thousands of years. Taking matters into its own hands, Cosentino, a stone company based in Spain, has developed means to make it […]

Art and Soul of Portugal


A family trip to Portugal sends this stylist on a love affair with tile. Upon arrival, visitors of Portugal will realize they’re somewhere very special. There, the light has an ethereal quality that makes the colors seem more alive, and although it’s not located on the Mediterranean, the country has a Mediterranean vibe. When my family […]

Italian Style


Glamorous poolside retreats prove the Italian penchant for luxury plays as well in the great outdoors as it does on the runway. Think of Italy and thoughts of luxury and design are not far behind. The country’s influence on art, design and architecture is palpable all around the globe and certainly here in the states […]

Dinner Guest- Joe Carini


Sought after for their artistic design, elegant materials and traditional hand weaving methods rarely utilized in modern carpet making, Carini Lang’s carpets grace the homes of bold-faced names such as Stephen Spielberg, Beyonce and Jay-Z, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, and architect extraordinaire, Lord Norman Foster. We caught up with Carini in his studio in […]

Splendor in the Glass: Tile Mosaics by Anne Oshman


Walking the path to Anne Oshman’s studio in Montclair, NJ, one will notice her groundscape handiwork right away. She carefully crafted a beautiful orange and red fleur-delis mosaic, and then she had it installed by a mason so that it could shine on for years in rain or sun. “Any canvas I see is mine […]

Life’s A Beach: Inns of the Jersey Shore


Summer is here- what better place to enjoy it than the Jersey Shore?! DADDY O HOTEL Retro Chic Brant Beach, NJ Ocean County Built 2006 Approx. 99 miles from NYC Daddy O offers its guests as hip of an experience as its name suggests. Inside the 22-room boutique hotel, guests will feel like stars when […]

Brutalist Buildings On W 24th Street


508 W 24th Street The newest building that High Line visitors are seeing is a throwback to the controversial architectural style of Brutalism, made famous by the Swiss architect Le Corbusier. While the spacious luxury apartments along West 24th Street may not embrace the initial socialist aspect of this midcentury movement, the building does reflect […]

Doing Good Through Design: Madagascar Wild Silks


Madagascar, one of the most bio-diverse areas but poorest nations in the world, has lost 40 percent of its rainforests to mass farming and mining in the last 50 years. To halt this, much of the remaining forests were designated as preserved areas and parks. However, in doing so, over 300,000 people were economically displaced. […]

Ecology Lesson: Garden Mosaics Cultivates Stronger Communities


The wide variety of cultures and people in a city have so much to teach one another, and a garden is the perfect place for cross-generational learning. Dr. Marianne Krasny, professor and director of the Civic Ecology Lab in Cornell University’s Department of Natural Resources, is an environmental steward. As part of the Cornell Cooperative […]