Passive/Aggressive Environments


Regan Young England Butera : RYEBREAD Regan Young, a principal architect at the Mount Holly, NJ architectural firm known as Regan Young England Butera (or RYEBREAD), not only talks the talk about creating active living and workspaces, but he also walks the walk – literally – from his home to his office, which are housed […]

Secluded Estate Brings Nature Inside [PHOTOS]


Expansive walls of glass often are used to create the illusion of bringing nature into the home, and the rear facade of this house is no different. Double-paned windows let in light and views, while protecting form the elements outside. Yet the three-level atrium of the house at 80 Hidden Valley Road takes this relationship […]

ASPIRE at the Fine Home Source Show Hosted by Crisp Architects


For the last 7 years in Millbrook, NY, architect Jimmy Crisp has hosted the “Fine Homes Source Show“- an opportunity for local artisans and home suppliers to showcase their skills and offerings to people gathering goods and inspirations for their home projects. The show has vendors from all fields- woodworkers, metal sculpture artists, landscape firms, painters, […]

For Sale: Sun-Drenched Row House in Historic Capitol Hill


The iconic Capitol Hill neighborhood in Washington, DC (not to be confused with the metonymic name of the US Congress),  is the largest historic residential area in the city, and holds a place on the National Register of Historic Places. Although this elegant home at 504 East Capitol St. NE was built in 1995, it blends well […]

ASPIRE’S Desire’s: Garden Glory


There is a yawning chasm between the idea of wanting a garden, and actually creating one. The finished project can be colorful and glamorous, but the process to achieve this end is definitely not. Dull, drab, and dirty tools don’t inspire one to create the way that other artistic tools do. And the worst part […]

Adirondack Real Estate Highlighted by Aerial Photography


It can be hard to explain why the Adirondack Mountains are so extraordinary, especially to someone who has never been there. You can spew out the facts: The 6.1 million acre Adirondack Park is not usually at the top of everyone’s list when they consider the important national parks in America, but in fact it […]

Prospect St. Mansion: Part of Providence’s Literary History


“A taxicab whirled him through Post Office Square with its glimpse of the river, the old Market House, and the head of the bay, and up the steep curved slope of Waterman Street to Prospect, where the vast gleaming dome and sunset-flushed Ionic columns of the Christian Science Church beckoned northward. Then eight squares past […]

ASPIRE’S Desires: Minehart


Imagine walking through a gallery of ornate frames holding richly painted portraits. Aristocratic faces, presumably of predecessors or notable figures, peer down as you pass. The culmination of this collection awaits at the end of the hall, most likely portraying the most important figure of all. As you approach, however, you see that the figure […]

Upper (Crust) East Side Living at 1110 Park Avenue


All units at the new luxury condo at 1110 Park Avenue are not created equal. There’s the triplex penthouse, the triplex unit on the ground floor, two duplex apartments but the other five units are much smaller….they each only take up one floor of the 16 story building. The company behind the condos at 1110 […]

ASPIRE’S Desires: Naomi Paul Ltd.


If you’re looking for an innovative, handcrafted object that could double as a sculptural art piece for your home, look no further than the designs of Naomi Paul Studio. The studio produces beautiful functional objects and textiles, focusing on simplicity, longevity, and sensibility, which are all hand made in Great Britain, by highly skilled craftsmen. […]