A Peak at the 2015 Metro Designer Showhouse


Visitors continue to enjoy awe-inspiring interior design and special events at the 2015 Metro Designer Showhouse, running through June 28. Haven’t had a chance to check it out in person yet? Take a taste with the video above, then purchase a ticket at the official 2015 Metro Designer Showhouse site and see for yourself! All proceeds […]

14 Incredible Wallpaper Designs – Realistic to Psychedelic

wallpaper design featured img

Applying color to a single wall panel is an easy way to enhance a room’s appearance. Add a pattern on top of that color and you’ve got yourself a work of art. Wallpaper is back in style and better than ever! Find here five unique categories of wallpaper including Psychedelic, Geographic, Geometric, Realistic, and Magnetic […]

Hamptons Lux Home Highlight


Newly constructed, this 6,000-square foot, European-inspired residence located near the ocean on an acre of land in Wainscott, NY offers elegant design and sophisticated living spaces throughout. The beautifully landscaped grounds host a T-shaped, beach-entry swimming pool with a swim-up bar area, an outdoor living room with a fireplace, and a cabana with a half […]

The World’s 9 Most Luxurious Toilets

luxurious expensive tech tiolets

Notable exceptions below, toilets and luxury don’t typically go in the same sentence together. It’s not a wonder why when toilets are involved with the not-so-luxurious parts of our lives. However, it seems that as technology improves and as the desire for luxury increases, designers are finding ways to glamorize the toilet. In Hong Kong, there’s […]

3 Luxury Hotels Converted from Famous Prisons


Imagine an all-inclusive resort – a private room, three meals a day, access to exercise equipment, a library for intellectual pursuits, scheduled activity times – even access to medical care! Sounds great? But what if your private room locked from the outside instead? And you were not in charge of when you could leave? It […]

Behind the Scenes: Director Oliver Stone’s West Village Condo


Director Oliver Stone, perhaps known best for his work on Scarface and Natural Born Killer, put his West Village Condo up for sale last year. Although it has since been taken off the market (it was formerly listed with the Corcoran Group), we couldn’t resist a chance to feature the impressive and bold interior design of this one-of-a-kind […]

The 11 Most Amazing Pools in the World


Simply put, what follows are the 11 most amazing pools from all around the world, Tanzania to Bali, Santorini to the Amalfo Coast, Las Vegas to Sweden, and everywhere in between. A lot more than just water goes into a pool. Ask anyone who’s ever bought one. It’s about the landscaping, the patio, the outdoor kitchen, outdoor […]

Amazing Designer Showhouse opens to Rave Reviews in Edgewater NJ


The curtain has been lifted on what New Jersey and New York’s most influential interior designers and design aficionados are calling one of the most ambitious and innovative designer showhouses ever. ASPIRE Metro magazine has pulled together the metro region’s design elite to decorate more than 15,000 square-feet of open loft space, encompassing 34 rooms for the 2015 Metro Designer Showhouse at […]

Bring Color Back to the Future With Vintage Appliance Appeal


The kitchen may be one of the most difficult rooms of a home to design. Balancing functionality and practicality with style and individuality can be difficult. Unfortunately, often the neutral tones in kitchens come off as flavorless and bland, and appliances can appear more utilitarian than stylish. Keeping in mind the practical needs of a kitchen, […]

Valitalia: New Frontiers for Traditional Italian Furnishings


The Friulian region in Northern Italy is known as the “Chair Capital of the World” and has been defined by its high-quality luxury furnishings for more than 140 years. The furniture created here by dedicated Italian manufacturers and craftsmen are seen in some of Italy’s top design brands. Valitalia, Italian Quality Furnishings, founded by designers […]