Clarence House Founder’s Stunning $30M NY Estate

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Welcome to Twin Ponds…

a sprawling luxury estate in Bedford Hills, NY.  At first glance, the main house’s edifice of glass and concrete may seem jarring in the lush landscape, but upon a second look, the expansive windows reflect the underlying pond (one of the two for which the property is named) and the concrete structure resembles a contemporary castle that has stood for years, complementing the grounds. The main house almost seems to float above the smaller of the two ponds, which is so still that it is hard to tell where the house ends and the reflection begins.

Twin Ponds Bedford NY from aboveStep over the inlaid compass rose in the marble floor, and cross the glass-encased bridge over the pond and you enter the house proper. Turn to your left and you will find the living room- featuring more of the same glossy marble, reflecting the natural light that pours in through the floor-to-ceiling windows, overlooking the surrounding pond.

The house both surrounds and is surrounded by nature; a fountain splashing up out of the pond is almost completely encircled by the house itself- it rises alongside the central staircase to the master suite. The suite, which includes a master bedroom, a walk-in closet, two bathrooms and a steam room,  occupies the entire second floor and is walled by glass on all sides. However, living in this house is far from roughing it- nature encroaches visually through the glass windows while you are relaxing in one of the two whirlpool tubs in the master suite. The only place where the wild does come inside is the breakfast atrium off the state of the art kitchen- tropical plants and trees are planted indoors and they reach for the vaulting top of the greenhouse-like alcove.  While the sunny, natural light is beautiful, imagine the thrill of staying inside during a rainstorm- the water on the glass would be reminiscent of being inside a waterfall, the only difference being that you remain in complete comfort.

The creation and original furnishing of the house took six years to complete,  in a collaborative effort led by the original owner, Robin Roberts (interior designer and founder of the wallpaper and fabric firm, Clarence House, based in Manhattan), along with architect Milton Klein, landscape architect Armand Benedek, and interior designers Jay Spectre and Geoffrey Bradfield. Now it is on the market for $30 million- a record breaking amount in Westchester County.  At the last sale, upon the death of Robin Roberts, the house was sold for $16 million, another record-breaking amount.

Parties of guests at Twin Ponds have the choice between staying in the guest suite on the first floor of the main house, the guest cottage-featuring 2 bedrooms with 2 bathrooms, or the guest cabana-containing 2 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a gym, and a hot tub. The beautifully stone-crafted, heated barn could also be transformed into living space for either people or horses.

Twin Ponds Bedford NYEven though the guest buildings are spread out, giving guests privacy and the opportunity to explore on their own, friends staying at the estate are drawn back together  by the central swimming pool- or maybe they are more drawn by the pool house, which has its own kitchen, billiard room, and wet bar. More athletic friends are invited to play a few rounds of tennis on the nearby courts; and after a hearty game, one doesn’t even need to go back to the house for a cocktail, as the attached stone pavilion features its own wet bar. Those who do take the walk back to the main house, however, are rewarded with a high capacity, climate controlled wine cellar, and can enjoy their wine selections in the adjoining tasting room.


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