Million Dollar Decorating Podcast: The Complete Collection Part 3

  1. Episode 358: Dan Scotti
  2. Episode 357: Sara Thompson
  3. Episode 356: Jessica Weeks
  4. Episode 355: Sandra Funk
  5. Episode 354: Gillian Rose
  6. Episode 353: Anna Zaoui
  7. Episode 352: Kate O’Hara
  8. Episode 351: Jaye Anna Mize
  9. Episode 350: Danielle Rollins
  10. Episode 349: Sarah Eilers
  11. Episode 347: Chuck Wheelock
  12. Episode 346: Maurizio Pellizzoni
  13. Episode 345: Liliane Hart
  14. Episode 344: Lucie Ayres
  15. Episode 343: Dan Mazzarini
  16. Episode 342: Highlyann Krasnow
  17. Episode 341: Dana Gibson
  18. Episode 340: Francine Gardner
  19. Episode 339: Marina Case
  20. Episode 338: Markham Roberts
  21. Episode 337: Ramsay Gourd
  22. Episode 335: Kathryn Greeley
  23. Episode 334: Elizabeth Benedict
  24. Episode 333: Victoria Findlay Wolfe
  25. Episode 332: Bonesteel Trout Hall
  26. Episode 331: Aspire Side Chat
  27. Episode 330: Marianne Cusato
  28. Episode 329: Timothy Corrigan Design Icon Award
  29. Episode 328: Steven Favreau
  30. Episode 327: Vanessa Deleon
  31. Episode 326: Orfeo Quagliata
  32. Episode 325: John Douglas Eason
  33. Episode 324: Chad Graci
  34. Episode 323: Philip Gorrivan
  35. Episode 322: Jaye Anna Mize
  36. Episode 321: Bonnie Saland
  37. Episode 320: Kimberly Lewis
  38. Episode 319: Henriette von Stockhausen
  39. Episode 318: Design Vidal
  40. Episode 317: Amy Vermillion
  41. Episode 316: Carrier & Company
  42. Episode 315: Benjamin Johnston
  43. Episode 314: Sandra Goroff
  44. Episode 313: Ohara Davies-Gaetano
  45. Episode 312: Bill Ingram
  46. Episode 311: Achille Salvagni
  47. Episode 310: George Smart
  48. Episode 309: Marjorie Skouras
  49. Episode 308: Kriste Michelini
  50. Episode 307: New Years Day Encore
  51. Episode 306: Darrin Varden
  52. Episode 305: Paula Grace
  53. Episode 304: Sasha Bikoff
  54. Episode 303: Aviva Stanoff
  55. Episode 302: Charles Hilton
  56. Episode 301: Annie Lowengart
  57. Episode 300: A Merry Christmas Encore

indexMeet James Swan

With the launch of the new podcast, Million Dollar Decorating, James Swan adds media-host to his career accomplishments. The interview-based show becomes the first daily podcast devoted to the worlds of design, decorating and beautiful living and features interviews with the world’s leading designers, decorators, architects and artisans. Life-style leaders like Robert Couturier, Sandra Nunnerly, Vicente Wolf and Timothy Corrigan populate the podcast where unguarded conversations reveal behind-the-scenes sources of inspiration, resources and stories that inspire and motivate.

James Swan has built a career crafting classically influenced interiors across the United States. Swan has been featured in House & Garden, House Beautiful, The Los Angeles Times, The Boston Globe and The Chicago Tribune and wrote for the “Trends & Shopping” column in House & Garden magazine. His book “101 Things I Hate About Your House” won a 2011 American Bookseller’s Award.

Television appearances on HGTV’s “Homes Across America,” speaking engagements with the professional design industry association NEOCON, regular guest spots on national radio programs have consistently placed Swan in the media spotlight.

Swan’s career took off back in Northern California at a noted San Francisco architecture firm, where he managed residential interiors. After that, Los Angeles beckoned, specifically the prestigious design firm of Frank K. Pennino & Associates, where as senior designer he managed high-profile projects, and earned a reputation for refined classical design that succinctly reflected his clients’ lives. In 1999, Swan opened his own firm in Beverly Hills.

Swan has a Bachelor of Arts degree in theology and music from Southwestern College in Waxahachie, Texas, and studied in Arizona State University’s Architecture and Design master’s degree program.

Swan is a past member of the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund, serving on its Executive Board of Directors. His other commitments include PAWS/LA, which assists with the care of pets for people living with disabilities, and KidSmart, an art education foundation for inner-city youth. In his free time, Swan may be found furthering his passion for skiing and traveling. Currently he lives and works from his home on the Maine coast.

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