Investing in Sydney: Make the smart move towards inner city apartments

imageIt’s the Great Australian Dream but not as you know it anymore. As living costs continue to soar the idea of owning a house on a quarter-acre block has shifted to something more attainable and attractive.

The Gen Xs and Ys of today are embracing an inner city apartment lifestyle, that brings with it the perks of work and leisure right on their doorstep. All at a fraction of the cost of owning a home with a big backyard out in the suburbs. And it’s not only the young professionals making this move, with many baby boomers also downsizing and stepping away from their original Australian Dream.

Redfern rising | An inner city suburb of Sydney that is being touted as one of the most desirable places to live, work and play. Thirdi Group’s latest high rise apartment development 88onRegent in Redfern doesn’t fall short on these expectations, with a vibrant and thriving community that fully embodies urban living and a café culture.

The property developer’s collaboration with renowned interior stylists and designers Coco Republic, has seen the very best in luxury living adapted for an apartment lifestyle. It’s the kind of interior architecture you would normally only ever see amongst Sydney’s most affluent suburbs, now possible in one, two and three bedroom apartments in the prospering Redfern district.

It’s a first for any high rise apartment development, and for Coco Republic, who are synonymous with styling multimillion dollar residential homes. A bold move, but one that is proving popular amongst investors and buyers in search of their new Australian Dream.

Why you should invest in an inner city apartment | The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) projects that the number of single person households will increase by up to 65 per cent to 3.4 million by 2036. So, whether you’re a first time investor looking to break into the property market or you have a growing portfolio, investing in an inner city apartment in Sydney right now is a smart move.

Leading Sydney property investment commentator, George Raptis is also on the money, stating that well located, spacious one bedroom apartments make great investments.

What else makes investing in apartments so appealing?

  • Inner city apartments offer higher rental yields
  • Affordability over houses
  • Apartments are easier to maintain, with generally less to look after than a house
  • Maintenance work is handled by a strata (body corporate)
  • Council rates are generally lower and you aren’t required to pay land taxes

There are many things to consider when deciding to invest in a property, but with the new breed of apartment style living cropping up, it’s no wonder it’s fast becoming a highly sought after commodity for investors.

For enquires about investing at 88onRegent call Thirdi Group on (04) 2010 2084 or visit

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